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Tech Career Spotlight: Network Technician

ATG Staff | Thursday, Feb 11, 2021

Tech Career Spotlight: Network Technician

Everyone’s career path is different. In the Tech Career Spotlight series, we take the time to interview IT professionals like you to find out which path they took in their careers to achieve their job position. This month’s Tech Career Spotlight interview was with Sharif Mitchell, a Network Technician.

How long have you been working as a Network Technician͍?

Going on three years!

Did you have to have experience in order to apply for the Network Technician position?

Yes. I had 8+ years of desktop support and computer repair experience and 4+ years with break/fix companies.

Were there any required IT certifications you had to have in order to apply?

Yes, the CompTIA A+ Certification was required. But CompTIA Network+ and MCSE were bonus certifications mentioned on the job listing.

When did you earn the CompTIA A+ certification͍?

I earned the CompTIA A+ certification in 2018.

Was the CompTIA A+ Certification exam difficult?

No, but it was engaging in a joyous way. I began taking as many different practice exams as I could with the objective of being able to pass.

What motivated you to study for the CompTIA Network+ certification͍?

To have standardized knowledge and a fundamental background of why certain issues occur in my line of work. Also, being able to fulfill the role of a specialized network technician and understand the different sides of the office environment.

What were some of the required job skills you were expected to know in order to apply to be a Network Technician?

Communicating comfortably, operating under pressure, and multitasking were major skills. All while supplementing the knowledge on how to fix servers, desktops, and network devices.

What is a Network Technician’s average day like?

You have to wake up each day ready to be called on premises. There’s constant observing of our monitoring software, checking the health of desktops, servers, and the network. I have to make sure tasks on our agenda are completed from clients looking to expand or deploy new software to following up on research to find solutions for our end-users.

What is the hardest part of a Network Technician’s job?

Maintaining patience and adaptability despite the environment. You’ll usually find many decisions and outcomes that affect you being determined/delayed by those who are not knowledgeable in your field.

What other IT certifications are you looking to earn?

CompTIA Security+, JNCIA, VMware VCP, (ISC)² CISSP

What do you want to do next in the tech field͍?

Progress further on new security standards within the cloud and on premises. I want to strengthen my skills in automation and advance my management experience to effectively lead a department of engineers.

What is the best advice you can suggest for someone who wants to be a Network Technician͍?

Cultivate a love for knowledge and adaptability. Certifications are not only for resumes and interviews. They bring about a wealth of information and deepen your understanding that you can apply in every area of your IT career.

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